Shipments and returns

Your pack shipment

Please be informed that all goods will be received or delivered via DHL for customers in Nigeria but outside Lagos varies in respect to the State. All other transactions within Lagos are FREE and handled by Matrixprewonwed logistics team.

All devices sold on the website will be received by Matrix Prewoned logistics team and checked for authenticity within 48 hrs a voucher code will be issued to seller via email and SMS. All goods that fail to meet the Matrixpreowned criteria will be returned back to owner after payment for logistics has been received via bank draft payable only to MatrixPreowned bank account. The device will be sent back within 48 hrs in same condition as it was received. More information is found in the terms and conditions column of this site.

If devices are bought on the MatrixPreownwed site as a Certified Preowned phone, dispatch will  be carried out within 48 hrs and device will come in the MatrixPreowned package.

Thank you!